Phytoturk – Turkesterone


Turkesterone: the Newest and Most Cutting Edge Natty Anabolic

Enhanced fans have missed our legendary Phytodrol. Well, it’s time: we have replaced it and upgraded it at the same time! Phytoturk – Powered by Turkesterone  is the newest and baddest plant anabolic on the market


PhytoTurk Natural & Legal Anabolic

PhytoTurk (Turkesterone) is a naturally occurring phytoecdyster*** found in Ajuga turkestanica – a plant with a long
history of use in traditional medicine for its anabolic, adaptogen, hepatoprotective and hypoglycemic activity. It is an analogue of
the ster*** hormone 20-hydroxyecdysone. Human research has shown that resistance-training individuals
given only 12mg of Turkesterone per day for 10 weeks experienced greater gains in hypertrophy and strength compared
to those receiving placebo [1]. PhyoTurk contains an extremely potent 500mg 10% Turkesterone extract per capsule!

How Does PhytoTurk Work?

PhytoTurk builds muscle through a totally different mechanism than traditional anabolics that bind to the androgen receptor. PhyoTurk acts as a potent receptor β agonist, providing a compounding level of anabolic activity via a totally different
mechanism than normal anabolics. This makes PhytoTurk an ideal compound to stack with other anabolics during a blast but can also be used in a post cycle therapy as it will not suppress natural testosterone production at all. Furthermore, naturals could introduce PhytoTurk into their regimens without the consequence of traditional stero***.

What Are The Benefits of PhytoTurk?

The benefits of PhyoTurk (Turkesterone) include increased muscle growth, improved muscle repair, and elevated muscle protein synthesis. Specifically, PhytoTurk works by optimizing the mRNA
translation process and supporting leucine uptake to muscle cells. There’s also some evidence to support that PhytoTurk may increase muscle ATP which in turn results in increased muscular energy and endurance while working out. Lastly, Turkesterone has adaptogenic properties which have positive effects on mental


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