YK-11 (5mg x 60 Capsules)

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YK-11 selectively binds to androgen receptors in a manner similar to Ligandrol. That is, Mutant YK-11 offers great promise as a treatment for muscle wasting diseases, and for the promotion of muscle gains with very acceptable and remarkable results.


YK11 is one of the newest SARMS to be developed. Due to its infancy, Yk11 has never passed the preclinical development stage and has never been tested on animals or humans. YK-11 is a steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) and myostatin inhibitor that was popularized because of its potential to induct supraphysiological levels of follistatin expression.

Myostatin is a type of myokine protein that is the main genetic component that regulates muscle growth potential. Theoretically, YK11 would increases levels of follistatin, a unique type of protein found in the muscle cells which binds to and inhibits the actions of myostatin in the body. More follistatin equals less myostatin, and less myostatin means more muscle. In vitro cellular studies conducted on YK11 confirm that it has an anabolic effect on muscle tissue which is mediated through androgen receptor activation and induction of Follistatin expression. It is a very interesting compound which may have some very promising applications we have yet to learn about.

YK11 is classified as a SARM because it has selective activation of the androgen receptor, but it has a chemical structure very similar to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The term SARM is applied relatively loosely in this context. Personally, I would classify YK11 as a hybrid of a steroid and a SARM.

While there is a decent amount of anecdotal information to reference due to its popularity in the bodybuilding community, the data itself is fairly limited, as only a minority of individuals are logging their blood work consistently, and even fewer are getting extensive testing done to establish exactly what effects YK11 had on their body. The majority of YK11 users are reporting impressive increases in muscle growth, strength gains, improvements in body composition, with temporary suppression of natural testosterone production being the most common obvious side effect. With the exception of hair loss, reports of other side effects from YK11 are typically less prevalent than with the more mainstream very suppressive SARMs, and this may be due to its close resemblance to DHT.

10 mg per day is the most common YK11 dosage used in a performance enhancing context. Some users report using daily dosages as high as 30 mg per day and experiencing substantial gains in muscle mass with little to no negative side effects. Based on what we know, it would probably be unwise for a woman to use YK11 as it is a DHT derivative and has exhibited noticeable androgenic effects in men. The half-life of YK11 is unknown, so splitting the total daily dosage up into several micro-doses per day would likely yield better outcomes with more stable blood serum concentrations.

Liver Toxicity

YK11 features a methyl ester which inhibits its hepatic metabolism. This makes it very orally bioavailable. The drawback of orally active methylated steroids is that they are liver toxic. The chemical structure and anecdotal reports suggest that YK11 exhibits at least some level of hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity). Recreational users should use an over the counter liver support supplement while using YK-11, and usage should not exceed 8 weeks.

“The highest dosage I ever used was 100mg of injectable YK-11 and 50mg of oral yk-11. I noticed extremely fast muscle growth. It was a similar feeling to taking a very high dosage of anadrol. It seems to plateau very quickly. I recommend using a very high dosage for only a couple of days. Typically, a 5-day blast. What’s interesting is that I notice that after the 5 days, I keep making gains even though I stopped taking the YK-11, which makes me hypothesize that YK-11 helps re-sensitize the androgen receptors.

The YK-11 muscle gains are so extreme that we never felt the need to give it to women because women already gained more muscle then they wanted off of LGD.

We don’t know if it’s better to use a low dosage for a long period of time or a high dosage for a short period of time. We will be conducting more experiments in the future.”

  • Dr Tony Huge


“I’m very excited about YK11. It’s not a SARM. It’s not a steroid. It’s kind of like a weird hybrid of the two. It partly binds to the androgen receptor so other drugs can’t bind to it, which increases the affinity of the androgen receptor for other drugs, therefore increasing androgen receptor sensitivity. It also lowers myostatin by increasing follistatin. It’s methylated but anecdotal evidence shows no liver toxicity.

The oral version works great. It has a very short half-life. They use it as a pre workout in Kuwait. I got even better results from the injectable version. It’s the most extreme thing I ever took. The injectable version you only need to inject once per day.

Women should stay away from the oral form. I recommend a dosage of 2-5 mg/day for woman. Men can use either the oral or injectable form. I recommend 10-50mg/day for men.”

  • Coach Trevor
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60 capsules of 5mg each

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